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New adverse weather/emergency closings policies

Photo of College Avenue with snowIt’s snowing hard and I can’t get out of my driveway. If the university suspends non-mandatory services, what options are available to me as a leave-earning EPA or SPA employee?

There are two newly enacted statewide polices that deal with Adverse Weather and Emergency Closing.

Dr. Edna Chun, associate vice chancellor for human resources, explained the new policies at January’s Staff Senate Meeting. She indicated that these policies were approved by the State Human Resources Commission and adopted by Governor McCrory effective Jan. 1, 2015.

She shared a key aspect of the policy is encouraging collaboration between management and employees in re-arranging schedules due to adverse weather, especially as the university adjusts to the changes in the new policies.

Q: In real terms, who does the adverse weather policy apply to?

It affects all leave-earning employees including
-Exempt and non-exempt SPA employees
-EPA non-faculty

Q: Most winter weather events will likely be classified as “Adverse Weather” events – not “Emergency” events. What are some options for reporting to work in “Adverse Weather” situations?

Non-mandatory employees must make a good-faith effort to report to work or to remain at work if weather conditions allow, Human Resources explains. These employees should use their best judgment to remain as safe as possible. If they anticipate problems in the commute, they can use leave options.

Q: What are those leave options?

Time lost for non-exempt SPA employees shall be charged to accrued comp time if they have it available. Vacation, bonus leave or LOA may also be used. If no comp time is available, with supervisory approval, these employees can make up the time within the same pay period or no later than 90 days. Due to the fact that SPA exempt employees and EPA non-faculty do not earn compensatory time, these leave-earning employees can use vacation or bonus leave or can make up the time with supervisory approval, preferably within the same pay period or no later than 90 days.

Q: What if a staff member doesn’t want to “use up” their vacation or bonus leave time and has no comp time?

In case of Adverse Weather,  management and employees will cooperate in making an effort to to arrange schedules and identify operational needs for overtime work in order to enable an employee to have the opportunity to make up time not worked, rather than charging it to leave.

Again, the bottom line is the need for collaboration and communication between supervisors and staff.

Q: What about “Emergency” closings?

It’s likely that those will be rare. Adverse weather conditions typically do not result in an emergency closing. The chancellor has the authority to determine an emergency closing when conditions are hazardous to employee safety such as in the event of catastrophic life-threatening weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and floods.

A small percentage of UNCG’s employees in Housing and Residence Life, Public Safety and Security, Dining Services and Facilities are Emergency (mandatory) employees. They are required to work during emergency conditions because their positions have been designated as necessary in response to a specific emergency situation in compliance with the university’s emergency response plan.

Q: After these rare “Emergency” events, how will timesheets be handled?

Employees who are not required to work during an emergency shall not be required to charge leave or make up the time. Emergency employees (“mandatory employees”) required to work during the emergency shall be granted emergency time off (ETO) on an hour for hour basis for all hours worked.

The information above is a very brief look at the policy.

Human Resources has created guidelines for the Adverse Weather policy, which can be viewed at http://web.uncg.edu/hrs/Leave/AdverseWeatherGuidelines.pdf.

Guidelines for the Emergency Closure policy may be viewed at http://web.uncg.edu/hrs/Leave/EmergencyClosureGuidelines.pdf

If you have any questions regarding the adverse weather and emergency closing policies, please contact the Department of Human Resources at 334-5009 or Emergency Management at 256-8632.