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Strategic vision: Input from 46 vision forums

Photo of Minerva StatueIn Fall 2014, UNCG held 46 stakeholder vision forums to help begin its strategic planning process.

The 18-month inclusive process, which began in September, is designed to gather input from university stakeholders to create a university-wide plan that is vision-focused rather than operationally focused. Together, we will answer the important questions “Who are we?” and “Who do we want to be?” Our discoveries will enable us to create a university-level roadmap for the future.

Some prompts used to stimulate discussion at these forums were:

  • What is your vision for UNCG in 2026?  Beyond?
  • If UNCG achieves your vision, how will we be different from today?
  • Why is this vision a good fit for UNCG?
  • How will it differentiate us from our peers?
  • What strengths will we build upon to achieve this vision?
  • What must change and be developed to achieve this vision?
  • What might prevent us from achieving this vision and how can we best avoid these obstacles while shaping our future?

From Adult Health Nursing Faculty to the Board of Trustees, from the Campus Activities Board to a Community Focus Group, from Enrollment Management to the Faculty Senate Research Policies Committee, from Graduate Students to the School of Education, many stakeholder groups provided input.

Their suggestions and responses were compiled and they may be found at http://uncgtomorrow.uncg.edu/AdditionalPlanningDocuments/Emergent-Themes/themes.php.

You are invited to rate the importance of the themes identified. Visit http://uncgtomorrow.uncg.edu/AdditionalPlanningDocuments/Emergent-Themes and fill out the gold Google form.

The site provides an overview/schedule of the 18-month process, as well as other information such as a committee member listing. Visit http://uncgtomorrow.uncg.edu.