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Archives for January 2015

Dr. Arthur Anastopoulos

Photo of Dr. Arthur AnastopoulosDr. Arthur Anastopoulos (Human Development and Family Studies) received a continuation of funding from the National Institutes of Health for your project “Longitudinal Outcome of College Students with ADHD.” The abstract notes that although there recently has been an increase in research investigating ADHD among adults, relatively less research has specifically addressed the manner in which ADHD impacts young adults attending college. This study will be the first to systematically assess the educational, cognitive, social, psychological and vocational functioning of college students with ADHD, relative to a sample of peers without ADHD, over time.

Dr. Linda Stine

Photo of Dr. Linda StineDr. Linda Stine (Anthropology) received new funding from the Marion Stedman Covington Foundation for the project “Historical Archaeology of a Quaker Farm.”

Dr. Wendy McColskey

Photo of Dr. Wendy McColskeyDr. Wendy McColskey (SERVE) received new funding from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) for the “2014 NCDPI After School Grant Application Review.”

Dr. Lakshmi S. Iyer

Photo of Dr. Lakshmi S. IyerDr. Lakshmi S. Iyer (Bryan School) is co-editor, along with Dr. Daniel J. Power, of a new book. “Reshaping Society through Analytics, Collaboration, and Decision Support: Role of Business Intelligence and Social Media.” Published by Springer, it is part of the Annals of Information Systems series. It is described as exploring “emerging research and pedagogy in analytics, collaboration, and decision support with an emphasis on business intelligence and social media.” See more information here.

Dr. Nicholas Oberlies

Photo of Dr. Nicholas OberliesDr. Nicholas Oberlies (Chemistry and Biochemistry) received funding from Mycosynthetix Inc. for the project “Drug leads for susceptible and drug-resistant helminthes from fungi.”

Dr. Amanda Tanner

Photo of Dr. Amanda TannerDr. Amanda Tanner (Public Health Education) received new funding from the University of Alabama at Birmingham for the project “CATCH: Comprehensive Assessment of Transition and Coordination for HIV+ Youth as they Move from Adolescent to Adult Care.”

See Hear: Jan. 7, 2015

About 3,000 middle schoolers came to see UNCG play some hoops Dec. 10. More than that, they learned about science and a variety of academic programs and career possibilities during their “field trip.” It was an eye-opening day for the youth. Enjoy this clip from Guilford County Schools TV.

UNCG’s EdD in KIN online cohort finishes their first semester

Students in the EdD in Kinesiology, UNCG’s first completely online doctoral program, just finished their first semester. This group of 18 students “attends” classes online from 7 different states, including North Carolina, California, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Students took two courses during the fall of 2014 semester, a seminar in kinesiology (KIN 750) which allowed students to explore the field of kinesiology, and a program design course (KIN 662) which focused on leadership and professional development in higher education. End of course feedback was very positive with students noting they had a better understanding of the field and they had already applied what they learned in class into their own professional practice.

Full story at the Kinesiology web page.

Dr. Dianne Welsh

Photo of Dr. Dianne WelshDr. Dianne Welsh (Bryan School) will present the keynote address at the seventh annual International Conference on Services Management in Macau in December, titled “No Cost Employee Reward Systems: A Tool to Better Manage and Deliver Optimal Services in the Asian Century.” She will also present a paper on  “A Preliminary Study of Polish Women Entrepreneurs and their Businesses” and “Cross-Country Technology Gap in Latin America: Growth Accounting and Non-Parametric Approaches.” Dr. Esra Memili from the MEHT Department is a co-writer of the two papers.