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Feb. 24 UNCG Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day

The percentages are a surprise to many students. “Did you know that your college education is covered 38 percent by state funds, only 25 percent by tuition, 18 percent by sales and other services,” says Channing Lawson, assistant director, Young Alumni & Student Programming. “So 37 percent of anyone’s college education at UNCG is covered by private contributions of alumni, constituents and friends of UNCG.”

That’s a lot of generosity – and investment in the future of UNCG’s students.

On Feb. 24, UNCG’s Student Alumni Ambassadors will host the first annual Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day.

The event for students in the EUC Commons from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. will help convey thanks to all those who give. Cookies will be served.

The day that will be marked by social media blasts about important locations such as the Minerva Statue, the Quad, the Kaplan Commons and much more – and how they were funded. “Can you imagine your UNCG experience without them?” will be the common question.

“The reason for the day of philanthropy is to plant the seed and begin the educational mindset of philanthropic thinking,” Lawson explains.”So once the students have graduated and become alumni they understand the importance of giving back to their alma mater and how it feels to be thanked by a student.”

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