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What’s going to work? Teamwork.

HRS offers two great workshops on team building within an organization. They are:

1) Wednesday, April 8, 1:30-3:30 p.m. in Bryan 113

This workshop offers opportunities to see the world of work through different eyes.  This workshop will help you to expand your perceptions through an interactive simulation on communication and leadership within the workplace and organization.

Simulation of Organizations: This simulation is simple, non-threatening, and challenging to the individual.  Yet, it has profound effects for people as they attempt to understand and make sense of the experience.  This simulation displays in a very real way how difficult it is to communicate across organizational structures. It allows participants to experience decision-making and role ambiguity at a different level of the organization than they may presently be used to. It allows for feedback from other parts of the organization on their participation in a simple task, and provides the experience of leading at whatever level of the organization they happen to find themselves.


2) Tuesday, April 21 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. in Bryan 113

Enjoy a creative way of understanding teamwork in this interactive and fun workshop:

Building an Engaged and Innovative Team: Change the status quo, believe in thinking differently, and bring unconventional thinking to business challenges! Join this workshop and explore the topic of teamwork through experiential exercises, idea generating methods and processes to achieve engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

Visit http://web.uncg.edu/hrs/Professional_Development/Course_Catalog/ for more information and to register.  Click on Teambuilding.