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Thank you, EUC housekeeping staff

The UNCG Student Government Association (SGA) has its offices in the EUC – and sees how much work goes into keeping the large building running smoothly, staying clean and looking good – though it gets a lot of use and traffic.
The SGA recently honored the housekeeping staff at EUC.

The commendation’s first sentences read:

“To the entire custodial/janitorial staff,

Every time I see a clean hallway, bathroom, lobby or glass door, I thank you. Your performance in your profession is so important that this campus could not operate as efficiently or cohesively if you didn’t come to work every day. The dedication you have for serving the students and other faculty of this campus, whether you are recognized for it or not, does not go unnoticed.” The letter was composed by junior senator Christopher McCoy.

Employees that work in EUC on the morning and night shifts:
Francis Jenkins
Martin Atama
Rebecca Dawkins
Ron Madden
Robin Rorie
Brandy Bumpas
Valerie Johnson
James Lyles
Bernard Goodwine
Rhonda Mitchell
Greg Poteat – Supervisor
John Tinnin – General Utility Person
Ernest Brooks – General Utility Person