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Love sea turtles, will travel

Photo of students rinsing off sea turtleNeither rain nor storms nor darkened skies could keep a group of UNCG Biology students from the coast the last several days.

They left on Mother’s Day to volunteer at a sea turtle hospital. They camped. They will return today (Wednesday).

UNCG has a longstanding connection with the hospital, officially called the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. Students and employees volunteer regularly.

UNCG Biology senior lecture Ann Berry Somers leads the groups. She taught a course on sea turtles this spring – and will teach a summer course in which UNCG students will travel to Central America to study a rich variety of sea turtles and conservation techniques. “We leave for Costa Rica on Aug. 1 and return on Aug. 9 and will be working with the researchers at the Phipps Biological Station,” Somers said.

UNCG has many students involved in conservation work – locally and around the world – whether with polar bears, birds, plants, sea lions and of course sea turtles. UNCG Campus Weekly and UNCG Now news site will profile a few of the many students in coming weeks.

By Mike Harrid
Archive visual from an earlier year at the sea turtle hospital