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At UNCG, beauty and history are all around

Photo of detail from one of many signed architectural drawings by Harry Barton, in Sink BuildingThere’s great art and invaluable history in lots of unanticipated places at UNCG.

This summer, CW will show you some. First, let’s stop by Sink Building – and consider perhaps the most important architect to call Greensboro home: Harry Barton.

I toured his 1927-built home in Hamilton Lakes/Old Starmount
recently, part of a Preservation Greensboro event. He built his home the same year his Aycock Auditorium was built. More than a dozen defining buildings on the UNCG campus were designed by Barton – and, aside from one (a temporary gym seen here in a Spartan Stories post), all have been preserved.

During the tour of Barton’s Greensboro home, I noticed the drawings for the home are displayed by the current owners. Are there any drawings for Barton’s building’s on view at UNCG?


Step up to the reception desk and lobby on the second floor of the Sink Building – and look around. Feast your eyes. History and art come together with each of the antique works – designs for the Chancellor’s House (now the Armfield-Preyer Visitors Center), Curry Building, Brown Building and several others. The details are astounding. Each appears to be initialed by Barton in the bottom right corner.

An architectural guide hosted by NCSU Libraries indicates few of Barton’s drawings still exist. Well, some excellent ones can be enjoyed in Sink Building. Another of the perks of being a part of such a historic campus.

Next week in CW, another spot on campus where you’re surrounded by great art and history.

By Mike Harris
Visual: detail from one of many signed architectural drawings by Harry Barton, in Sink Building