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Heidi Carlone will speak on educational equity at Boston’s Museum of Science

Photo of Dr. Heidi CarloneDr. Heidi Carlone (UNCG School of Education), a leading researcher on one of the nation’s pressing social issues – classroom equity in STEM education – has been invited to share her work at one of the nation’s pre-eminent science museums. She will present her research on the innovative Engineering is Elementary (EiE) curriculum.

She will give a presentation at the Museum of Science, Boston, on June 2 in the Museum’s theatre.  The museum’s education staff will attend, as will education faculty from area colleges and universities including Harvard, MIT and Tufts, along with area school teachers and administrators. The public will be invited as well.

Carlone, an associate professor of science education in UNCG’s School of Education, applies theoretical lenses from the fields of anthropology and sociology to investigate the short- and long-term impacts of learning with EiE on how diverse student groups develop identity.

Students who are African-American, Hispanic or from low-income families are less likely to grow up to be scientists or engineers than their middle-class white classmates. To understand why youth from these under-represented groups face such a difficult path to STEM careers, Carlone observes and interviews students and teachers in classrooms that are using the EiE curriculum. Her presentation will explore the processes by which students end up labeled ‘smart’ or struggling’ – and how creating a local cultural definition of ‘smart engineer’ may affect a student’s educational trajectory.