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UNCG Honors College students and their articulate dragons

Photo of Olivia Wood from RomeWho knew that dragons could compose such great blog posts? Or take selfies – Do they even have an opposable thumb?

It’s a little like “Flat Stanley” – but these are unique UNCG dragons. Each UNCG Lloyd International Honors College student going abroad names their red, plush fellow traveler. And in the blog posts, they let the dragon do the talking.

Olivia Wood (or, I should say, her dragon Khaleesi) last week took us to the Roman Coliseum and Pompeii. She is part of the UNCG in Rome study program. It seems that he got into a scuffle with another plush dragon at the Coliseum, but what do you expect from dragons hearing lots of tales of gladiators? The students, on the other hand, are taking in lots of history. And discovering the joys of a tasty 2-euro Roman breakfast.

The little dragon tells us, “Olivia (that’s my human) likes seeing all the places where people like Julius Caesar and Romulus used to live.”

UNCG has been a North Carolina leader in study abroad for decades.

The LIHC mascot is the Welsh Dragon, Y Ddraig Goch, the blog intro notes. “There Be Dragons” refers to the Latin phrase “HC SUNT DRACONES (here are dragons), used on maps centuries ago to indicate uncharted waters.

A great summer activity at UNCG is sitting back and being an armchair traveler – reading the students adventures and learning around the world.

UNCG’s honors program goes back to the 1940s. It was named for Rebecca Lloyd in 2006

Read this story and see pictures – and enjoy other posts – at http://lihcdragonblog.blogspot.com/.

Find out about more study abroad opportunities at https://www.uncg.edu/ipg/sae/study_abroad_exchanges.html.

By Mike Harris