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UNCG’s Coleman Fellows advance entrepreneurship education

For the sixth year in a row, Dianne Welsh, director of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program at UNCG, has received a Coleman Foundation grant to name three new Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellows and 12 Veteran Entrepreneurship Fellows.

The UNCG professors are named Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellows and will receive grant funding to help them create a new entrepreneurship course or revise an existing course to include entrepreneurship.

The new Coleman Fellows are:

  • Keith G. Debbage, professor of geography. He will revise an urban planning course to include entrepreneurship.
  • Janice I. Wassel, associate professor of gerontology. She will revise a course in silver industries (businesses that serve older adults) to include entrepreneurship.
  • Bonnie Yarbrough, adjunct lecturer in English. She will revise the Writing in the Professions course to include entrepreneurship when applying communications strategies in the workplace.

The fellows are each awarded $4,000, to support their entrepreneurship-focused teaching efforts. All fellows have doctoral degrees.

UNCG is one of 19 universities nationally to receive funding for the program from the Chicago-based Coleman Foundation. The Coleman Foundation has contributed more than $500,000 to the cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship program since it started awarding grants at UNCG.

“The Coleman Fellows program has been instrumental in helping UNCG develop a cross-disciplinary environment of entrepreneurship in the classroom and through various extracurricular activities,” Welsh said. “The Coleman grant helps faculty expose students to entrepreneurial ideas and teach them about self-employment and entrepreneurship.”

The academic entrepreneurship program has won six national and international awards, including the Best Emerging Program in the United States by the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship and the Freedoms Foundation Award for Excellence in Free Enterprise Education.

In addition to the new Coleman Fellows, several faculty members were also named Coleman Veteran Fellows. Veteran Fellows are those who have been named Coleman Fellows previously. As fellows, have access to a national network of other Coleman Fellows and resources, such as opportunities to attend conferences. They also receive $2,000 that can be used for entrepreneurship education and serve as members of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Council at UNCG.

The Veteran Fellows are:

  • Stoel Burrowes, assistant professor of interior architecture
  • Bonnie Canziani, associate professor of hospitality and tourism
  • Steve Cramer, business librarian and associate director of the Coleman program at UNCG
  • Duane Cyrus, associate professor of dance
  • Donna Duffy, assistant professor of kinesiology
  • Cathy Hamilton, director of the Office of Leadership and Service-Learning
  • David Holley, professor of music
  • Bill Johnson, student success coordinator in the School of Health & Human Sciences
  • Sharon Morrison, associate professor of public health education
  • Cedric Pearce, adjunct professor of chemistry
  • Chris Thomas, lecturer in art
  • Dianne Welsh, professor of entrepreneurship
  • Jennifer Yurchisin, associate professor of consumer apparel and retail studies

For information on the entrepreneurship program, visit http://entrepreneurship.uncg.edu.