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#myUNCGfavstory at Speaking Center

Group photo of students around a table discussing their public, interpersonal and group communication skills.The UNCG Speaking Center helps thousands of students each year with their public, interpersonal and group communication skills.

Now, their office is doing something brand new. It’s an employee recognition initiative for their employees: a way for them to reflect on and celebrate their work at the center while also connecting with one another better.

“My favorite UNCG Speaking Center story.”

The idea: Tell your story. Express yourself. Let’s dig deep to find what it is that we love about this place and celebrate it through story

They launched it this summer.

Erin Ellis, Kim Cuny and several students working over the summer developed this idea. They can write them – or create an audio or audio-visual clip.

Two are already posted, from one graduate student employee and from one undergraduate student employee, at https://www.facebook.com/UNCGSpeaking and at their Twitter feed and Flipboard magazine. Those posts have gotten more social media views than anything they’ve ever posted, Speaking Center Director Kim Cuny tells us.

They’ll launch it in earnest this fall, when more student employees are on staff – some of whom may otherwise not really get to know each other because they are interacting with students in different shifts. Hearing workplace stories from each other will build a sense of community and enhance cohesion, as employees get to know each other’s stories better. And discover their similar as well as distinct interests and passions.

The impact of stories can’t be overstated. Personal narratives are powerful, Cuny says. Expressing positive experiences this way can transform any group. The more we are different, the more our stories can pull us together.

By Mike Harris
Photo by Taylor Williams