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Campus Weekly is published each Wednesday when classes are in session. In the summer, it is published biweekly.

Starfish is live for Fall 2015

The Starfish EARLY ALERT and CONNECT technologies are now available to all students, staff and faculty at UNCG for the Fall 2015 term. Starfish is an early warning and student tracking system that allows UNCG to take a holistic approach to student success. Starfish aims to support student success by allowing instructors, faculty, and staff members to track student progress and remain easily connected to one another. Starfish can be accessed through Canvas.

Instructors can raise alert flags related to academic and personal concerns so that students can connect with resources that may help them. Instructors can also raise kudos for students who are performing well academically or who are showing improvement. Academic Status Reports are sent out three times in the semester to allow for quick tracking of many students at once. Instructors will receive email alerts when these reports launch on the following dates:

  • Sept. 8
  • Sept. 29
  • Nov. 3 (sent to instructors of student athletes and specific student cohorts only)

When a student is flagged for academic concerns, they are contacted and invited to meet with a Students First Office (SFO) staff member on the Starfish Outreach Team to help them develop a plan for academic success. All flagged students will also receive outreach from SFO with information about helpful campus resources.

New Features, Updates and Training Opportunities

  • Starfish Referrals: In Spring 2015, UNCG made referral options available in Starfish. The Tutoring Referral and Academic Skills Referral can be raised by faculty and staff to recommend students to academic services that may assist them. Raising a referral will alert the student and support staff within the designated support office.
  • New User Interface: On August 1 Starfish received a makeover.  Faculty, staff and students may now open Starfish and see a new and streamlined dashboard to help with prioritization of appointments and tracking items (flags, kudos, and referrals).
  • Starfish Training for Faculty and Staff: The Students First Office will be hosting training workshops throughout Fall 2015 to help faculty and staff learn how to navigate Starfish features. Workshop details and sign-ups can be accessed at workshops.uncg.edu. Simply search “Starfish Sessions” for a list of available dates and times.

Students, staff and faculty may refer to the Students First Office website for training guides on using Starfish features – studentsfirst.uncg.edu/starfish. Users may also email the Starfish Coordinator, Elena Medeiros, at starfish@uncg.edu for additional clarification or troubleshooting.