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Anne Wallace is chair of UNCG Faculty Senate

Photo of Anne WallaceThe UNCG Faculty Senate meets today (Sept. 2). Dr. Anne Wallace will welcome all the senators to this first meeting of the academic year.

She is the first to serve under the revised rules providing for two-year terms for each chair.

“Our meetings are open,” she notes. “All members of the campus community are invited. I hope others – not just senators – will weigh in on the important things we discuss throughout the year.”

The senate will begin the year with a traditional seating arrangement, she explains. “Physical stability can free things up so people can speak their minds,” she said. “I want everyone to speak to each other from every quadrant. We only get somewhere if we engage with each other directly and civilly, to come to a more thorough understanding of each other and the issues.”

Communication and openness are goals – “to build and rebuild bridges of communication.”

Trust is important, she says, “to have assurance in each other, so our values and plans are in accord with each other.”

She also speaks more broadly about the necessity for public education.

“We’ll rue the day if as a citizenry we give up on supporting public education. I still think of the ideal of an ‘informed citizenry.’”

A Kansas native, she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at University of Kansas and her doctorate at University of Texas-Austin. “I’ve been trained and I’ve always taught at public universities.”

She was at Southern Mississippi 15 years before joining UNCG in 2005.

Her specialty is 19th century British literature and culture – Wordsworth, John Clare, Mary Shelley, the Brontes, Elizabeth Gaskell and Dickens. She is teaching an undergraduate Romantics course this semester and is struck that students already have their favorites. “One has declared for Keats. One’s declared for Byron.”

“Our students are hard-working folks,” she says of the joy of teaching at UNCG. “I’m always glad to get to know them.”

Freedom of thought … broadening of opportunity … opening our thoughts and our expression – in a 45 minute interview, these were some themes.

“Part of the reason I’ve been more and more involved in university and faculty governance is I don’t want to let go of that ideal – helping our institution promote the ideal of public education. I’m a little idealistic.”

She was co-chair along with Vicki McCready of a task force on non-tenure faculty. Two years ago, Faculty Senate gained its first members that are non-tenure track faculty. The senate has a new ad hoc committee related to non-tenure track faculty.

​Her interest in t​he needs and perspectives of UNCG’s many non-tenure track faculty members reflects her belief that the fortunes of all faculty are linked. “We are one faculty – the well-being of any group affects us all.”

She served on the 2015 Chancellor Search Committee. She was very pleased in the Board of Governors’ selection – her committee had forwarded three candidates. She refers to Chancellor-elect Gilliam as a “game-changer.”

Other Faculty Senate officers this year include Steve Yarbrough, parliamentarian; Jim Carmichael, secretary; and Spoma Jovanovic, past chair.

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By Mike Harris