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Biggest bonfire ever at UNCG

Photo of Jeff Collins and Gually Gonzalez helped quide the final quarter panel of UNCG new bonfire fire pitJeff Collins and Gualli Morales helped guide the final quarter of UNCG’s new bonfire fire pit into place last Friday morning – preparing for the biggest bonfire the campus has ever seen.

And perhaps, Collins said, the biggest bonfire Greensboro’s ever seen.

The firepit is impressive – 15 feet in diameter and made of A36 steel. It weighs two tons. “UNCG” is laser cut into the steel along the edges. It was assembled from four quarter-sections on Kaplan Commons last Friday morning.

“Jeff Collins welded it himself,” said Donegan Root (Alumni Engagement). Collins is chairman of the Alumni Association.

The big Spartan bonfire was lit Friday evening with a festive crowd of students and others in the campus community gathered ‘round. Collins and Morales were among those enjoying the scene.

The event was part of Homecoming 2015.

Tim Sloan was the point person for the bonfire project, Root said. It’s a substantial operation. Several Facilities staff members joined together to prepare the bonfire.

About 70 pallets, stacked almost 10 feet high, were used in the blaze, Root said. Pine needles and some brush were used as well.

By Mike Harris