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Learn conversational Spanish

Spanish is great to know. As more of the students and adults in our state speak Spanish, knowing at least a bit of the language is very valuable.

UNCG Human Resources now offers Conversational Spanish – Part I. It’s part of their professional development offerings.

This four-part series gives you a quick introduction to Spanish that focuses on conversations and phrases that are useful in day-to-day office interactions, travel and recreation. It is strongly recommended that you take all four one-hour sessions offered in a compact four-week period. Don’t miss this special opportunity to receive an introduction to Spanish conversation and learn useful phrases and pronunciation.

In Part I, participants will learn about Spanish pronunciation, greetings and goodbyes, etiquette and social niceties, introduction and self-identification. Participants will be able to make sentences using regular verbs in the Simple Present tense.

The instructor is Kattya Castellon, associate director, Undergraduate Admissions.

16 seats are available, as of press time. The first class is Friday of this week.

Register for your spot at http://workshops.uncg.edu/workshops.jsp?wks_id=44009449.

This post updated with revised day: Friday.