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Handy guide lets you help former students return to campus

For some, admission to the university is a chance to finish what they started. Along with the large number of freshman and transfer inquiries that the Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives, former students often have questions about the process of returning to campus.

The Undergraduate Admissions counselors appreciate the campus community’s help in communicating with this very important student population. They know that students sometimes have a lot of questions, so they’ve put together a handy reference should any former students come seeking help.

Former students must fill out a new application to the university. It is the same undergraduate application that transfer and freshman students access through SpartanLink.uncg.edu.

Former students must send Undergraduate Admissions transcripts from any other university attended after originally leaving UNCG. Beyond that, however, all documents from the student’s previous enrollment should already be on file with the university.

Former students who wish to be considered for the spring semester must submit a completed application by Dec. 1. Comprehensive deadline information is available at admissions.uncg.edu/apply-deadlines.

You can direct students with concerns about academic probation, suspension or dismissal to admissions.uncg.edu/students-former.php for more information.

If you have questions or concerns about how to assist a student who wants to return to UNCG, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 334-5243.