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Memories and appreciation, as Parker Parlor dedicated

Photo of Lib Parker McPherson being honored during the dedicationLib Parker McPherson ‘51 was surrounded by family and well-wishers, as she helped dedicate the parlor in Gray Residence Hall, part of the historic Quad.

The UNCG event was held Oct. 23.

It was a day of thanksgiving. She was the first in her family to attend college, and she valued the opportunity that Woman’s College (UNCG) gave her. She arrived on campus a few years after WW II. A Home Economics major, she went on to become a renowned nutritionist. She spoke and made an impact in every state in the Continental US, and even worked overseas, working to provide nutrition to children in underdeveloped regions.

The attendees celebrated not only a parlor naming but a new residence life endowment from the Lib Parker McPherson family.

The Quad’s residence halls were designed by noted architect Harry Barton. Several years ago, the university considered the best use of the land for housing; ultimately the university decided to preserve the exteriors in an extensive renovation of the Quad residence halls.

The treasured oaks, which were smaller in the 40’s, were carefully preserved as well during the renovation, with piping underground routed in ways that would least disturb roots. The oaks gave shade to the parlor on this autumn day.

Her gift is valued and appreciated. Generations of students will read, study and make new lifelong friends in the parlor, shaded by the same oaks she had enjoyed. Perhaps some of those undergraduates may be inspired to give back to the university in some way, someday, to help future students.

It’s part of our sense of place, which helps create a community – shared one generation after another. Is there a better UNCG Thanksgiving story?

By Mike Harris