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Bond issue would provide for new Nursing/STEM building

Photo of Greensboro skylight with UNCG campus at night. UNCG will get a new Nursing/STEM classroom building if a bond issue referendum on the March 15 primary ballot passes.

The UNC system would receive $980,000,000 of the $2 billion bond issue, for building projects largely focused on improving infrastructure for STEM education. UNCG would receive $105 million for the Nursing/STEM instruction building project, which would include demolition of the aging McIver Building.

In December, the UNCG Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed the bond issue.

At the trustees meeting, Chancellor Gilliam and Provost Dunn explained that the building will increase capacity in the School of Nursing and will provide needed, state-of-the-art space for high-demand science classes.

The Chancellor’s Office recently sent this message to UNCG employees:

As you know, on March 15, North Carolina voters will decide on a proposed $2 billion bond package that would enable statewide investments in higher education, safety, parks and recreation, agriculture, and water and sewer infrastructure improvements. The Connect NC bonds would allow the state to pay for 50-year assets with 20-year financing and require no tax increases. If approved by voters, more than half of the bond revenues will fund improvement and expansion projects across the 17-campus University of North Carolina. The UNC Board of Governors has endorsed the bond package for the university.

Two websites have been created by outside entities to provide detailed resources and information about the bonds. Visit connect.nc.gov to learn more about the bond legislation and funding allocations proposed for specific projects, and visit www.ConnectNCForHigherEd.com for advocacy and fundraising information. Please note that these sites are not maintained or controlled by the university, that the university does not produce or direct the content on the sites, and that clicking on them will take you away from the university website.

You may receive information from Connect NC addressed to your work email. These addresses have been provided to campaign organizers in response to a public records request. If you would like to receive additional information from Connect NC, please sign up on their website using a personal email address to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. Should you wish to share information with others about Connect NC, please do so from your personal email. Please also review UNCG’s policy on Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources at http://policy.uncg.edu/university-policies/acceptable_use/.

As a reminder, state resources cannot fund advocacy for the bond campaign, and this restriction includes staff time, use of equipment and use of office supplies. With limited exceptions (including the chancellors and senior administrators, who have an obligation to promote the university), university employees may not advocate for the bond package during work hours. All employees, however, may inform others about the content of the bond package. The distinction between the two can be difficult to define. Communications that are intended to persuade a vote in one direction are considered advocacy and must be avoided (e.g., vote YES on the bond package); communications that are intended to provide factual information about the bond package are appropriate and encouraged (e.g., the bond package will invest $105,000,000 in UNCG to build a new nursing/STEM instructional building). If you have questions about what is and is not permissible, please contact Nikki Baker at nmwilson@uncg.edu.