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HR Superstars are 3rd in state in ‘walking challenge’

Group photo of winnersMiles for Wellness is a “move more” initiative by the NC Office of State Human Resources provided for state employees. It provides employees with 8 weeks of mindfulness regarding the amount of physical activity they get, in a competitive and fun platform. In the Fall 2015 Miles for Wellness Challenge, 14 UNCG teams participated.

UNCG’s HR Superstars not only won first in their division among UNCG teams, but won THIRD PLACE IN THE STATE in their division as well. A trophy was presented to them by Katherine Hilliard, Statewide Wellness Coordinator.

“Our team did a great job in cheering one another on and in celebrating personal accomplishments such as team high stepper of the week and personal bests in the number of steps walked in a week,” said Adam Horton, Team Captain, HR Superstars, Human Resources.

Photo of one of UNCG's walking teams.Team designations are as follows:

1) Tortoise Division (less than or equal to 56,000 steps per week per member)

2) Hare Division – (56,001 up to 70,000 steps per week per member)

3) Super Hare Division – (equal to or more than 70,001 steps per week per member)

The winners in the three divisions at UNCG:

Photo of one of UNCG's walking teams.Tortoise Division – The Spice Girls with 2,225 miles walked

The Spice Girls are made up of 10 members from the NC Rated License Assessment Project. The project is based out of UNCG with staff reporting from home offices across the state. Members were:

Danielle Wood Thomas – Team Captain

LaToya Hedgspeth

Christy Allen

Linda Rowley

Nicole McCaskill

Deana Falciano

Aeriele Rivers

Kathy Wilson

Angie Roberson

Karen Whitehall


Hare Division – The HR Superstars with 3,013 miles walked

The HR Superstars are made up of 10 members from UNCG Human Resources. Members were:

Adam Horton (Team Captain) – Technology Support Technician

Deb Carley – Interim AVC for Human Resources

Betty Betts – Office Manager

Sarah Dreier-Kasik – Professional Development Coordinator

Sean Farrell – Information Technology Analyst

Stephen Hale – Benefits Specialist

Angela Mahoney – HR Business Partner – SHRA Classification/Compensation Specialty

Cati Munoz – Employee Services Specialist – Undergraduate Students

Jennifer Permar – Employee Services Specialist – Records Management and Special Pay Assignments

Kathy Watford – SHRA Temp Staffing Specialist


Super Hare Division-  The McIver ColeStoners with 5,008 miles walked
The McIver ColeStoners are made of 10 members from UNCG School of Health and Human Sciences’ Dean’s Office. Members were:

Eileen Miller (Captain), Assistant Dean

Charles Dent, Assistant Dean of Operations and Administration

Celia Hooper, Dean of HHS

Kathy Williams, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Diane Levine, Post-Award Research Administrator, HHS Office of Research

Billl Johnson, Student Success Navigator, HHS Advising and Personal Development Center

Verna Leslie, Pre-Award Research Administrator, HHS Office of Research

Heather Mitchell, University Program Associate

Michael Scotto, HHS Facilities and Communication Manager

Jane Harris, Educational Innovation and Design Consultant

As extra motivation for UNCG participants, HealthyUNCG, UNCG’s employee wellness program, announced that one participant who tracked all eight weeks would receive a FitBit Sleep and Activity Tracker. The winner was Deborah Tollefson, Director of Financial Aid, of the Lone aRangers.

What’s next?

HealthyUNCG will hold the 3S Movement Challenge beginning this week. Employees get points for simply Sipping (water), Standing, and Stretching at least once each hour in the eight hour workday. There are numerous health benefits when we simply stand at least once every hour! Join HealthyUNCG’s list serve for more information: healthy.uncg.edu

A spring 2016 Miles for Wellness Challenge is also being planned by the NC Office of Human Resources. HealthyUNCG will pass along details as we they come along.