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Pulling for Panthers? These Spartans are.

The Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos in the 50th Super Bowl this Sunday. We thought it’d be fun to see who had thoughts on the game.

Kim Zinke (Assessment and Accreditation) will be pulling for them: “Panthers all the way. They’ve got a great team, great momentum and the drive to win.”

Dean Brett Carter has obviously given the game some thought. “You have two very experienced quarterbacks, so it’s going to come down to the defense and special teams. Whoever controls the ball in the first quarter (yes, the first quarter) will win the Super Bowl. My prediction will be the Carolina Panthers will win by three. Go Panthers.”

We asked Dr. Cherry Callahan in Student Affairs about the big game as well. While she is generally not a professional football fan, it’s hard not to get excited about the Panthers, she told us. “Having them represent our state is a phenomenal opportunity and I will not miss a minute of the game.”

Hoyte Phifer (Facilities Services) said, “The Carolina Panthers are no doubt in my book the best team. I predict a very good game with the Panthers up by 14 in the end. This is because this team has been consistent this year on offense and defense. They are playing team ball. The only time they have had real trouble is when they have taken their foot off the gas and mentally checked out.”

Dr. Sam Miller (Education) has no doubt either.

“The Panthers are the easy pick, particularly if they play well in each half.” says Miller.

“Definitely the Panthers,” says Pat Levitin (UNCG in 3 / DCL). “The Panthers with Cam Newton and all of us pounding so loudly across the US is a winning scenario.”

Dr. Nancy Walker (Music), who is on research leave in Munich, Germany, has a small problem with the big game: It starts at 12:30 a.m. there.  “I have to say I am most excited about the halftime show in which Gustavo Dudamel will conduct members of the Youth Orchestra of LA. ”

But who does she think will win this “American futbol” game? “Although I did live in Colorado during my master’s program, I predict the Panthers will win.”

Lydia Howard (English) says this is a rare Super Bowl where she likes both teams. But she thinks the Panthers will prevail. “Although Denver has the best defense, I don’t think they will be able to rush Cam Newton the way they did Brady. Cam is too quick and isn’t afraid to leave his pocket protection. The Carolinas secondary will give Peyton fits so I think he will be thrown off his game rather quickly and since he doesn’t have the arm strength any more it will be up to the Broncos defense to make plays, but they will have difficulty doing this due to the Panthers amazing offensive line. If Thomas Davis is able to come back at full speed, he and Kuechly will completely shut down the Broncos offense.”

Dr. David Wyrick (Public Health Education) is also rooting for the Panthers and believes they’ll win. “The Panthers just have too much firepower on offense and defense.”

As for Dr. Michael Kane (Psychology), he doesn’t seem happy his “beloved but maddening” NY Giants” didn’t make the playoffs. But the Panthers are playing for it all. “I’ll be cheering for Carolina on Sunday. The Denver defense is tough, but I don’t think they’ll be quite able to match up with all of Carolina’s weapons. Moreover, Carolina has been getting off to big early leads, and those don’t tend to be surmountable in Super Bowls.”