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TEHE’s Middle Grades Cohort hosts Kiser 6th graders

On Jan. 20, about 240 sixth graders from Kiser Middle School visited UNCG on a field trip.

The School of Education’s Middle Grades Cohort, led by Miguel Gomez, a lecturer in the Middle Grades Program, greeted these students, gave them about a 30 minute introduction into what college life was like, and did a 15 minute Q & A with the students.  Afterwards, they took students in groups of about 20 on tours of our campus.  The tours ended up in different locations where some other departments, such as music, had activities planned.  However, a few of the tours ended up in the Self Design Studio Matt and his team did activities with those students.

The coordinator of the field trip from Kiser Middle School told them afterward, “We had kids saying, ‘Are you going to UNCG?’ and ‘What are you going to major in?’ which to me is a huge success and would not have been possible without your help.”