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President Spellings at UNCG

Photo of Spellings. After President Margaret Spellings visited UNCG as part of her tour of UNC campuses, she reflected on her visit in a blog post. In part, she said:

What I’ll remember most from UNC Greensboro is their success at tackling one of the core missions of modern higher education — welcoming low-income, first-generation college students and helping them find a path to graduation. Forty-four percent of UNCG students are eligible for Pell Grants, and those students have a six-year graduation rate that is just a few points shy of the university’s overall average. The ability to serve students who come from more challenging backgrounds is crucial at a time when our state’s population is changing and our economic needs are evolving. Long-range prosperity means educating more North Carolinians, especially those who have historically faced too many obstacles to higher education.

Read President Spellings’ blog post about her visit to UNCG at www.northcarolina.edu/content/driving-right-direction.