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Dr. Stephen Sills

Photo of Dr. Stephen Sills.Dr. Stephen Sills (Center for Housing and Community Studies) received new funding from Reinvestment Fund, Inc. for the project “Unhealthy Homes & Childhood Asthma: Community Action Planning for an Asthma Safe City.” This project is supported by funds from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Nearly a third of children in North Carolina visited the ER or Urgent Care in the last year due to asthma, the abstract states. The project intend to address pediatric asthma disparities by focusing on deteriorating housing conditions and affordability with the goal of making Greensboro homes asthma-safe.

Additionally, Sills received funding from the City of Greensboro Human Relations Department for the project “Rental Housing Discrimination of LGBTQ Home Seekers in Greensboro: A Fair Housing Study.” In January 2015, Greensboro city council members voted unanimously to add protections for sexuality and gender identity to the city’s Fair Housing Ordinance. Greensboro is the first city in North Carolina to protect gay and transgender citizens from discrimination in housing” the abstract says. The funded project will audit rental housing in Greensboro for discrimination of same-sex couples.