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‘North Carolina College for Women’ will get careful cleaning

061516Feature_CollegeForWomenMany passers-by have enjoyed seeing a long-hidden reminder of UNCG’s history revealed on the facade of UNCG’s auditorium.

“NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE FOR WOMEN AUDITORIUM,” the grand building’s original inscription, graces the facade. A painted coating had concealed the inscription for many decades.

“The chancellor has asked us to leave the chiseled letters in place,” said Jorge Quintal, associate vice chancellor for facilities.

UNCG Facilities will continue to work on some of the inscribed limestone on the facade, Quintal explained.

“We may need to look at removing the remainder of the coating used in the past.”

“Some of the old coating came out cleanly,” he said, referring the inscribed letters in the “NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE FOR WOMEN AUDITORIUM” on the facade. And some seems to be very well bonded and has not yet been removed.

The campus known as UNCG today was the North Carolina College for Women from 1919 to 1931. It was known as Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina from 1932 to 1963, before adopting its current name.

Ideally, Quintal said, Facilities will get some more of the old coating out of the incised letters of the name – but they are taking care not to cause any harm.

They have some additional work to do to the 13 or 14 blocks on which the letters are chiseled, he said. They are mortared side-by-side joints, and he wants them to be watertight.

Facilities and the university will place a ground-mounted sign in front of the auditorium with the name “UNCG Auditorium” in the next few weeks, he said.

But what about the facade, with the old inscribed lettering?

“I wouldn’t be upset if it stays there for a long time,” he said.

By Mike Harris
Photograph by Martin W. Kane