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Dr. P. Holt Wilson

Photo of Dr. P. Holt Wilson. Dr. P. Holt Wilson (Teacher Education and Higher Education) received additional funding from North Carolina State University for the project “Building a Conceptual Model of Learning Trajectories Based Instruction (LTBI).” This project is supported by funds from the National Science Foundation. “The overarching goal of the LTBI project was to develop a model of teaching using Learning Trajectories (LTs) as an organizing framework for instructional decisions,” the abstract states. “Through our research in the past five years, our team has empirically examined the ways in which teachers learn about LTs and use their knowledge of LTs in their practice. We have also designed a professional development program to teach K-5 teachers about LTs and examined the ways that teachers’ participation changes in the professional development learning community. The goal of the supplemental work is to build on the outcomes of the LTBI project and promote knowledge sharing between the LTBI research team and other NSF-funded researchers who, in the last five years, have also investigated teacher learning of LTs and the ways in which this learning influences classroom instruction and student learning.”