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Dr. Shanna Eller and UNCG’s vision for sustained aesthetics

071316Spotlight_EllerPhotographs of magnolia, amaryllis, ferns and hellebores serve as a multi-paned window onto campus from Dr. Shanna Eller’s office.

Eller, who assumed the sustainability coordinator role in the Office of Sustainability in March, noted that attention to aesthetics in UNCG’s sustainability program makes it unique from others.

“Nearly every sustainability program is focused on three things: social justice, the environment and economics,” said Eller. “But UNCG also recognizes aesthetics to be a part of the sustainable campus. There are a lot of three-leaf clovers out there; UNCG is a four-leaf clover.”

Having been the sustainability director at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, and, before that, the director of community environmental services at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, Eller brings years of experience to the sustainability program. One of her big tasks as sustainability coordinator, she says, is to further enact the university’s Climate Action Plan. The university adopted the Climate Action Plan, a sustainability-to-do list, in 2013.

The Climate Action Plan is designed to limit UNCG environmental footprint. Eller sees making UNCG a more sustainable campus as having implications for the greater city and nation, as well.

“Universities are like mini-cities,” said Eller. “They’re mini-cities with a vision for the future. And I think the university has an opportunity that other businesses don’t have because we do just that, train people for the future. It’s a place where we think big.”

Learn more at the Office of Sustainability website or read through UNCG’s Climate Action Plan.

By Daniel Wirtheim