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A second cistern at UNCG

072716Feature_CisternA new cistern is being designed for UNCG. The design and the components should be completed by the end of August, says Jim Munro (UNCG Grounds). The cistern will be located behind the Financial Aid office, located on Kenilworth Street.

It is funded by UNCG’s Green Fund. (See previous article.)

A lot of water can be utilized through a cistern. For example, in the fall 2015 semester between Aug. 15 and Oct. 20, 7,500 gallons of water were conserved in the campus’s one existing cistern and used on campus plantings.

“That is water we didn’t have to purchase,” says Munro.

Over the winter, 725 gallons were used to make brine.

And it was valuable in the spring. For example, from April 25 to June 3, UNCG Grounds captured and used 3,400 gallons of water, Munro has calculated.

The campus has wells to water the athletic fields. But for the other parts of campus, the cistern is used – though Grounds ran out of cistern water during part of last fall. This additional cistern, which will also collect the condensate from the chiller units / air-conditioning at Financial Aid, will provide for additional water to be used in landscape plantings campuswide. And once it’s built, it’s free water, Munro notes.

Money doesn’t fall from the sky. In this case, it sort of does.

By Mike Harris
Photo by Mike Harris, of Kevin Siler using cistern water to water begonias on July 21, 2016