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UNCG employees’ annual walking challenge

Miles for Wellness, the UNCG Employees’ annual walking challenge, begins on October 3.

Teams from UNCG compete with other teams all across the state on the quest to reach 10,000 steps per day. Last year, UNCG had 14 teams (140 employees) participate. Two of UNCG’s teams won state recognition.

Teams of 10 compete against other teams at their level. Here is a breakdown of the levels:

  1. Tortoise Division – an average of less than or equal to 56,000 steps per week per member
  2. Hare Division – an average greater than 56,000 up to 70,000 steps per week per member
  3. Super Hare Division – an average greater than 70,000 up to 105,000 steps per week per member.
  4. Bionic Hare Division – an average of greater than 105,000 average steps per week per member (this division is new this year).

Check out this link to read all about the challenge and to register your team: