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UNCG receives American Heart Association Award

113016feature_healthyuncgOn Nov. 16 AHA Director of Development Cory Phillips presented the Fit Friendly Worksite Gold Achievement Award to HealthyUNCG. This award program recognizes employers who go above and beyond when it comes to their employees’ health, offering physical activity support, healthy eating options at work and a wellness culture. Organizations are rewarded for their progressive leadership and concern for their staff. The award is currently being displayed outside of the HealthyUNCG offices, Coleman 230, but will eventually be displayed in the Mossman Building.

Fit-Friendly worksites receive recognition on AHA’s Honor Roll, recognition at local events, an official recognition letter from AHA, and consultation on workplace wellness. Stefanie Milroy, Director of HealthyUNCG said, “UNCG continues to make tremendous progress in creating a culture of wellness, particularly for employees. Giving employees opportunities to take care of themselves while at work, not only leads to a healthier workforce, it leads to a happier, more committed workforce.”

HealthyUNCG plans to apply for the Platinum Achievement in Spring 2017, which requires fulfilling all gold level criteria as well as demonstrating behavior change, cost saving outcomes or positive return on investment.