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Experience throat singing, with Mongolian artist-in-residence Narisu

This semester UNCG Music’s artist-in-residence from China, Narisu Bao, presents a distinct talent: Khoomei, which is Mongolian throat singing.

He will give a concert at UNCG next Monday, Feb. 27, and in the meantime he’s sharing his talent with music students by teaching them the techniques of throat singing. The students who have been practicing with Narisu will perform traditional Khoomei folk songs with him in the concert, showing off their new skill.

Narisu is a Mongolian native who teaches at the Inner Mongolia University of the Nationalities. He established a Khoomei ensemble called “Sound of Heaven,” which performs in Inner Mongolia and in other provinces of China.

Of Khoomei singing Narisu says,  “It’s totally different from other types of singing,” and calls it “the non-material heritage.” He says he enjoys teaching the skill to students abroad as well as to students from various provinces in China. “Everyone can learn it,” he says, “No matter what region or country they’re from.”

The concert is Monday, Feb. 27, 7:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall of the Music Building. It is free and open to the public.

By Susan Kirby-Smith

Visual: Narisu (right) teaches a class.

See the video below of Narisu’s recent work with UNCG music students.