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Design and construction: What’s happening at McIver Building?

A large three-part construction project is underway on campus.

●     The demolition of the existing McIver Building will take place in Spring and Summer of 2018.

●     And then construction of the new Nursing and Instruction Building on the former McIver Building site will get underway.

●     A new South Chiller Plant will be constructed Spring 2018 – Spring 2019, to complement one already on the north side of campus.

“We’d plan on having all the demolition work completed before students return in August 2018,” said Matt Takacs, assistant director of design.

Rodgers Builders Inc./DPR Construction have been chosen as the construction manager of the project by the Board of Trustees.

The design phase for the new Nursing and Instruction building and the new South Chiller Plant has begun, says Scott Noble, design project manager for the university.

During the design phase logistic plans will be prepared for the demolition of McIver and construction of the new building in order to attenuate the significant impact of these activities on the campus and adjacent buildings in particular. The demolition of McIver and the construction of the new building will take two years.

The School of Nursing will occupy about 50 percent of the new building. Also, the facility will provide teaching and laboratory research space for Biology, Chemistry and Health and Human Sciences as well as classroom space.

The south Chiller Plant will provide capacity for the Nursing and Instructional Building and enhance reliability of the entire campus chilled water system. The new plant will help feed chilled water to mechanical units on campus through underground lines, increasing capacity as the amount of campus space that need to be cooled has increased in recent years.

This chiller plant will need to be in place before the new Nursing and Instructional Building opens, Noble explains.

Preliminary site evaluations such as utility locating, soil borings and land surveys have already been completed at both sites. This information is needed during the design phase for the new buildings.

In a future CW: learn more about the offices and programs moving, as a result of this construction project.

Learn full details at a site devoted to the project: https://facdc.uncg.edu/nursing/.