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UNCG selected for new national initiative to support student success

UNCG has been chosen to join 30 other institutions nationwide in a new effort to help close achievement gaps, better prepare students for college and help improve educational outcomes for students who will benefit from additional institutional support.

UNCG is now part of the “Frontier Set,” a project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to identify successful strategies to improve graduation rates, especially for low-income, first generation and students of color.

Among the institutions that are part of this program, UNCG was chosen as one of just six to be part of a special cohort to share a $6 million grant from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), to help build on its tradition of opportunity and excellence by providing innovative and comprehensive support programs to help at risk students achieve positive outcomes and real success at the University level.  UNCG will receive $640,000 over 4 years to support a range of initiatives, including:

·         Launching a “Summer Bridge” program, to be piloted this year, which will help up to 40 students get acclimated to campus life and college curriculum.  Students will live on campus at UNCG and take a science or English course as well as a first-year experience course (Foundations for Learning).  Their progress will then be tracked and supported steadily throughout their career at UNCG.

·         Creating the “UNCG Chance” program to support college readiness for Latino and Hispanic students, which will help drive stronger connections between students, their families and the University.  This program will include a fully funded 3-day experience on campus over the summer for selected incoming first year students.

·         Creating a dedicated advising system for selected students, including additional training, support and tools to help better support at risk students at the individual level.  Advisors will work with Bridge students and others as needed as the program evolves.

·         Enhancing digital learning and online tutoring for academically at risk students.  This will include the creation of weekly online tutorials, supplemental instruction programs and other uses of technology to better help students manage, learn and succeed in the university environment.

The complete AASCU press release is here.  You can read about the program in the Greensboro News & Record here.

“We are proud to be part of the Frontier Set, because it speaks directly to what is distinctive and unique about the UNCG experience – providing both opportunity and excellence to deserving students, and supporting them through real investment in their individual success,” said Dr. Dana Dunn, provost. “We have a commitment to student success and a track record of closing the gaps for Pell eligible students. Participating in the Frontier Project will enable us to further this work by partnering on innovative new programs, ranging from leveraging technology to improve the teaching and learning experience, to enhanced advising and academic support programs tailored to the needs of our students.”

Operationally, these programs will be led by a strong UNCG team with critical roles in bringing these concepts and programs to life, including Dr. Dana Dunn (visionary), Dr. Joseph Green (conductor), Dr. Jodi Pettazzoni (analyzer), Christopher Dunst (analyzer), Dr. Jacquelyn Jones (site team coordinator).

For more information, contact Dr. Jones at jrjon25@uncg.edu.