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Fundraising at UNCG Athletics

The 2016-17 season celebrated 50 years of UNCG athletics and the UNCG Spartan Club took a giant step to promote that celebration by posting a tremendous fundraising year, breaking numerous records and exceeding its goal for the sixth-straight season.

“We are grateful to our generous supporters who continue to believe in our young people and the purpose of UNCG Athletics,” Director of Athletics Kim Record said. “We set an ambitious goal to celebrate our 50th anniversary (of intercollegiate athletics) and our UNCG family came through in a big way. I appreciate the hard work our Spartan Club staff provided this past year under the leadership of Craig Fink. This is a Giant Step for the Spartan Club and UNCG Athletics.”

The 2016-17 athletic scholarship fund goal was $500,000 and the Spartan Club eclipsed that mark by raising a total of $501,591, an all-time high. This year’s total was an 18 percent increase over last year and surpassed the previous all-time record by over $75,000.

The Spartan Club also set a record with 1,093 Athletic Scholarship Fund donors, a 37 percent increase over last year’s total. Additionally, the Spartan Club broke the 1,000-donor mark for the first time in program history, surpassing the previous record of 875 in 1993. Overall cash and gifts in kind for the 2016-17 fiscal year totaled $760,219, a 40 percent increase over last year and the second-highest mark all-time behind 1993 ($818,116).

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