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Dr. Victoria Coyle

photo of CoyleDr. Victoria Coyle (SERVE Center) received continuation of funding from Temple University for the project “SEADAP Evaluation/Planarians and the Pharmacology of addition: an in vivo model for K-12 education.”

The award from Temple is for the continued evaluation of a National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse sponsored program titled, “Science Education Against Drug Abuse Partnership” (SEADAP). The program is starting its fourth year and has been designed to use live flatworms (planarians) to develop and deliver an inquiry-based grade 4 – 12 program to teach the science of drug addiction, and the pharmacology of natural and drug rewards. The program is being provided to teachers in the northeast (Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York, through Temple University) and in Eastern North Carolina (through Eastern Carolina University). The program provides professional development, including hands-on experiences with the planaria and lesson plans to the teachers who then incorporate the lessons into their curriculum. The flatworms and materials are all provided to the teachers through the project. The teachers come from diverse content areas, including math, science, physical education, and health.