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Ashby Dialogue Series 2017-2018: ‘The Universe Story and the University: Education for Justice and Sacred Earth’

As part of this Ashby Dialogue Series, Dr. Jeff Titon (emeritus professor of ethnomusicology at Brown University) will speak about “Sustainability and A Sound Ecology” Sept. 7, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Virginia Dare Room of the Alumni House. Aaron Allen, associate professor and director of the Environmental & Sustainability Studies program, will facilitate.

“The problem of sustainability is not only a problem of science and engineering, but it is also a problem of ethics and epistemology,” Titon said. “Sound-worlds offer an opportunity to experience a connection among beings missing when experience is directed at texts or objects. A sound connection offers an opportunity to think through a sound epistemology that may lead to sound economies, sustainable communities and a sound ecology that foregrounds the interdependence of all beings.”

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