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Make nominations for Research Excellence Awards

In 1988, the Research Excellence Awards were established in recognition of the following principle:

“Given that creating and diffusing knowledge is a formal obligation of the University, the Research Excellence Award will be given to a full-time member of the faculty whose work contributes in an exemplary fashion to this end.”

Each year, the Chancellor solicits nominations for the Research Excellence Awards and a faculty review committee studies the portfolios with regard to the following criteria: 1) the importance of the research contributions to the field, 2) the originality of thought, 3) the execution of the research, and 4) the pattern of the nominee’s research productivity.

Up to two Research Excellence Awards may be given each year. The Junior Research Excellence Award is for a scholar at the rank of assistant or associate professor and a cash honorarium of $4,500 accompanies the award. The award will be based primarily on work done at UNCG during the past five years. The Senior Research Excellence Award is for a scholar at the rank of professor and a cash honorarium of $7,500 accompanies the award. The award will be made on the basis of the nominee’s research career, with particular emphasis placed on work done in the last five years.

Due to the exceptional pool of nominees typically submitted and in recognition of the work involved in preparing the nomination packet, the Research Excellence Committee will consider applications for an additional year after the original submission. The nominator will have the opportunity to update the application packet, if desired. This would particularly apply if, for example, a nominee for the Junior award becomes eligible for the Senior Award or if the nominator wishes to highlight significant accomplishments in the past year since the original packet was submitted.

To nominate a faculty member for a 2017-2018 Research Excellence Award, go to http://research.uncg.edu/research-excellence-awards for a copy of the Nomination Packet, which includes the nomination guidelines, selection criteria and the nomination cover sheet. All materials are to be submitted electronically. The Nomination Packet, including the signed nomination cover sheet, should be scanned as a pdf file and emailed to rsh_ptnr@uncg.edu by December 1, 2017.


For more information, contact Debbie Freund at freundd@uncg.edu or 336-256-0426.

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