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Stepping into the spotlight: UNCG’s branding initiative

When people talk of the best universities in North Carolina, UNCG needs to be and deserves to be in the conversation, Chancellor Gilliam has said. We must no longer be the “best kept secret” in our region, in our state or in the UNC System. Our university must have a unique, distinctive position, a strong reputation, and a clear story to tell our current and future students, our parents, our alumni, our faculty and staff, our academic peers, and leaders across the state and around the country.

UNCG is loved, valued and appreciated by those who know us. But among the general public at large, our university is not known well for what it is today – a strong teaching and research institution with 20,000 students, nationally recognized programs and a vital role to play in transforming our students, our knowledge base and our region. Telling our story in a compelling, authentic way is what the university branding initiative is all about.

After an RFP process that included a review from a university committee comprised of individuals from across campus, FUSE IDEAS was selected to assist UNCG in this process. The Boston-based company is known for helping institutions succeed against better known and funded competition, in a rapidly changing media environment.

FUSE IDEAS has led discussions with more than 300 people from across the university and around our community over the past two months. This has included students, faculty, staff, administration, trustees, alumni, community members and each school and division of the university.  

This “discovery process” is the foundation for current discussions underway as the university works through a step-by-step process to understand who we are now, what people think of us, what our strategy should be going forward and how to develop creative assets that support our long-term goals. These discussions are being led by a steering committee that represents a cross-section of our UNCG community. The committee consists of Holly Shields, Andrea Hunter, Bryan Terry, Julia Jackson-Newsom, Kim Record, Kelly Burke, Tim George, Randy Penfield, Kris Davidson, Todd Sutton, Jaap-Jan Van Duin, Jim Settle, Jorge Quintal, members of University Communications and members of FUSE IDEAS.

Next steps include a competitive analysis and a report on strategy recommendations – as the firm and the committee develop and refine their insights and set a direction for a true and authentic UNCG brand. There will also be a number of open meetings and discussions scheduled soon to ensure our campus community understands the process and is able to provide insight and feedback along the way.

In the early part of next semester, creative concepts will be created, tested and finalized. The new branding is scheduled to launch in late spring or early summer.