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Gen Ed Council Self-Study Task Force

As part of the General Education Self Study Task Force’s work, we have looked at how other institutions have organized their General Education programs. UNCG has its own identity and mission, so simply replicating another institution’s program is neither possible nor desirable.

However, looking at how other institutions have designed their General Education programs suggests the range of possibilities in designing such a curriculum and offers ideas for possible improvements in the delivery of our own General Education program.

The document here provides an introductory look at the variety of General Education programs around the country. A recent article in Inside Higher Ed also provides a summary of the AAC&U’s 2016 survey findings regarding the frequency with which various models and/or features of General Education are currently being used.

As part of the current ongoing conversation about General Education at UNCG, we invite you to look at these materials and share any thoughts/comments/suggestions you might have with the Task Force. We value your input on this and any other topic relevant to General Education as we work on completing the self-study. You may provide comments here.