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Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rüppell

Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rüppell (Biology) received new funding from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission for the project “Acoustic Monitoring of Bats in North Carolina.”

Ten of the 17 bat species found in North Carolina are species of greatest conservation need. To monitor bat distributions and population trends in the mountains, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) implemented the North Carolina Bat Acoustic Monitoring Program (NCBAMP) in summer 2011. In 2015, the WRC, in partnership with UNCG, set up the North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) to expand the summer bat monitoring effort from the mountains to the entire state of North Carolina. In winter of 2016-2017, an NABat winter monitoring network was developed to gain information on winter bat activity patterns and distributions.

The abstract further notes, “In the proposed project, we aim to continue all three of these initiatives by conducting NABat summer (transect/stationary) and winter (stationary) statewide bat monitoring for two years. We will use data collected since 2015 to develop statistical models to describe statewide bat distributions and population trends. We will also analyze all NCBAMP data collected since 2011 and compare results from NCBAMP with results from NABat. Expected products include analyzed and archived NABat data (since 2015, except the 2018-2019 winter season), analyzed and archived NCBAMP data (2011-2018), and a research report that will summarize all distribution and population trend findings, and a comparison between NCBAMP and NABat that provides recommendations for continuing to run NABat into the future.”