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New logo and identity for UNC System


President Spellings announces a new identity and logo for the UNC System and two of its newest initiatives:


Dear Campus Community,

The University of North Carolina System’s past is a proud and storied one, closely tied to the history of our state and tightly linked to the economic growth and prosperity North Carolina has increasingly enjoyed.

In 1931, the merging of UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, and UNC Greensboro created the state’s first consolidated System. In 1971, a 10-school expansion and the creation of the governance structure we still maintain cemented the System’s role as a statewide engine for opportunity.

Today, the University of North Carolina System is known nationally and internationally as a world-class teaching and research enterprise. Our 17 institutions, individually remarkable and collectively extraordinary, are empowering students, driving innovation, and enriching the communities around them.

We have long delivered transformative results for our state and its citizens. But we can do more to harness our institutions’ individual voices and strengths to speak and work together in pursuit of our shared goals.

That’s what we are doing today as we launch a new logo and identity for the UNC System and two of our newest initiatives: NC Promise and our UNC Lab Schools. As of today, we are no longer known as UNC General Administration; instead we are recognizing our role for what it is, with a new title: the University of North Carolina System Office.

We’re proud of our new look and I encourage you to take a moment to view our launch video and new logos.

It’s a new look for a new era. An era of higher expectations. One in which more is expected by employers of our students, more is expected by taxpayers of higher education, and more is expected by policymakers of our System’s effectiveness, accountability, and efficiency.

Since the System was organized in 1971, enrollment has almost tripled from 88,000 to 225,000. Our revenue sources have become more varied and complex. Our regulatory burdens have soared. Even our mission—the degree to which we are invested in our regional economies and communities—has changed.

This is the start of a new period for the System. Together, we can rise to meet the moment. United, we can seize the opportunities ahead, while preserving the independence and identities of our institutions.

A strong System means our institutions can focus on their core mission: providing North Carolinians the full promise higher education holds.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to extending higher education’s benefits across the state. The work you do is what allows our System to meet the needs of all North Carolinians.


Margaret Spellings
UNC System President