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In overtime, UNCG’s SECC passes goal; will help hundreds of charities and agencies in region

Organizations reps and UNCG employees met each other at the Kick-Off event.

UNCG’s 2017 State Employees Combined Campaign goal was $200,125, to commemorate the university’s 125th anniversary.

The goal was reached and passed.

As of Friday, Jan. 19, UNCG had raised $201,564 and achieved 32 percent employee participation in giving.  

Chair Macea Whisettse reflected on the impactful campaign. She noted that 500 faculty, staff and retirees attended the SECC special events on campus in October and November 2017 that garnered a total of $2,597.27.

Because of your generosity, , she added, thousands will continue to receive critical services and programming.

Since the SECC began statewide in 1984, UNCG has raised $4 million. UNCG’s “Power of Giving” is our legacy.

“Thank you, UNCG!  We made our goal and it’s because of teamwork,” said Whisettse. “Everyone who participated – through giving, volunteerism or simple kindness – made a big difference.  I hope everyone is proud of how we all pulled together to provide support and comfort to many in need.”