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Compensation & Classification Goes Paperless: Introducing PeopleAdmin ePositionManagement

UNCG Human Resources has an announcement:

A transparent, configurable job classification system and quality position frameworks are key to an effective talent management strategy. Cumbersome, paperwork-heavy position management processes can get in the way.

What is ePositionManagement?

ePositionManagement (ePosition) is an add-on module to PeopleAdmin (UNCGJobSearch) and an online tracking tool for managing positions, classification, and employee compensation. ePosition allows us to effortlessly maintain a comprehensive, single online source for position descriptions, classifications, and organizational structure. Additionally, integrations between ePosition and UNCGJobSearch Applicant Tracking streamlines the entire talent management life cycle, empowering teams to refocus attention on other critical tasks.

Why ePositionManagement?

Here are some of the problems associated with the current way of completing position management actions:

  • No central repository for job descriptions
  • New positions require creating new job descriptions from scratch
  • Several paper documents required for classification and salary adjustment requests
  • No ability to track status of approvals
  • Too many steps in the approval workflow
  • Current request and approval process takes too long, which means longer time-to-fill times

With ePosition, one can request new positions or make content changes to all types of job descriptions or position data, to include classifications, competency levels, titles, status, labor market adjustments, salary increases, reports to supervisor, and budget–all via an automated workflow that fully integrates to Applicant Tracking to pre-populate the job posting.

UNCG Human Resources staff are holding forums to provide additional information on how this tracking tool will speed up the hiring process.

Please SIGN UP to attend an Informational Forum.

For more information, contact Victoria Benson, deputy chief human resources officer, at v_benson@uncg.edu or 336-334-4510.