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Giant Steps grant recipients are announced

Last fall, the Provost and the Office of Research and Engagement announced the release of funding for Giant Steps Research Development Grants. The goal of this program is to provide seed funding for projects that enhance UNCG’s external visibility, encourage research and have the potential to leverage preliminary results to obtain significant future funding. A requirement of the award is the submission of at least one research proposal to an external funding source by the end of the award period.

This year, 11 projects received Giant Steps Research Development Grants:

Transforming workplace wellness: A strategic partnership and national research agenda
Jeremy Bray, Dan Bibeau, Mike Perko, GracieLee Weaver, and Nilay Unsal
Economics and Public Health Education

Healthy Girls Initiative
Susan Calkins, Laurie Wideman, Robin Bartlett, Kelly Rullison, Lenka Shriver, Sandy Shuultz, Gabby Stein, and Kelly Wester
Human Development and Family Studies, Kinesiology, Nursing, Public Health Education, Nutrition, Psychology, and Counseling and Educational Development

Tracking of head trauma in youth sports
Donna Duffy, Chris Rhea, Jenny Etnier, Laurie Wideman, and Roger Mills-Koonce
Kinesiology, and Human Development and Family Studies

EquaIPing Us for Giant Steps: Developing a new measure for states to use in the quality ratings of early child programs
Linda Hestenes, Sharon Mims, Karen LaParo, Danielle Crosby, Catherine Scott-Little, Mary Porterfield, Lia Rucker, Rebekah Pierro, and John Willse
Human Development and Family Studies, and Educational Research Methodology

Fundamental mechanisms of mercury-mediated development of cardiovascular disease
Zhenquan Jia and Martin Tsz-Ki Tsui

Metabolic reprogramming of adipose tissue cells into tumor targeting mast cells for breast cancer immunotherapy
Chris Kepley
Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

Building computational and data infrastructure for exploring honey bee diseases via text mining of scientific literature
Prashanti Manda, Esmaeili Amiri, and Olav Rueppell
Computer Science and Biology

Leveraging Twitter and big data analytics for natural disaster management and recovery
Somya Mohanty, Fred Sadri, Rick Bunch, Richard Cox, and Lynda Kellam
Computer Science, Geography, and University Libraries

Molecular engineered chemistry for health and wellness and vibrant communities
Hemali Rathnayake, Mitch Croatt, Kim Petersen, and Dennis Lajeunesse
Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering and Chemistry

Tri-axial knee laxity measurement solutions
Sandra Shultz and Randy Schmitz

Characterization of Lyme disease spread
Gideon Wasserberg, Malcolm Schug, Matina Kalcounis-Ruppell, and Clifford Smyth
Biology, and Mathematics and Statistics

Copy courtesy Research and Engagement Office