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Dr. Mike Perko will receive BOG Teaching Excellence Award

Photo of Dr. Mike Perko .The University of North Carolina Board of Governors has selected Dr. Mike Perko, professor of public health education, to receive a 2018 Award for Excellence in Teaching.

He will be recognized at the April 26 Excellence Awards ceremony at UNCG, and he will receive the award during the May 4 Commencement ceremony.

Perko is one of 17 award recipients, who represent all 16 of North Carolina’s public universities as well as the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.

Perko describes his teaching philosophy using what he calls the “Seven C’s”: courage, community, conceptualization, creativity, collaboration, collegiality and compassion. He sees himself as a “hero for the underdog,” helping to support and encourage all students, no matter their background, throughout the learning process.

He says, “For me, teaching is the ultimate gift back to the professors and teachers who saw beyond my weaknesses to encourage my strengths. Every single class I teach is an opportunity to encourage personal and professional growth in my students.  The greatest gift back to me is the celebration of graduating seniors year after year who acknowledge knowing something about themselves that they didn’t know before. I feel I owe it to all the students who have ever stood at the board with their back to the class needing just a little help because they really wanted to answer the question. I wake up every day and say, ‘I hope I get that chance today.’”

Outside of the classroom, Perko’s research is focused on worksite health promotion, as well as young athletes and their use of sport performance products.

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