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Making the UNCG ceremonies even more beautiful

Hope Warren

Hope Warren

At UNCG Auditorium May 3 at 3:15 p.m., the ceremony had begun.

The new class of graduating doctoral students was ready to line up for the age-old hooding ceremony. They listened as Chancellor Gilliam noted their accomplishments. In a moment they’d cross the stage, and their professor would drape a doctoral hood over their shoulders. It was one of the biggest moments of their lives.

Hope Warren was outside. She was making sure the building was spotless for this big day. There are several doorways, with lots of glass to tend to. It’s not really about a building though. “I love making people happy.”

“I love to clean anyway,” she added.

Warren has been on the UNCG Facilities Operations staff four years, she said. To receive the compliment that your building looks great, that’s wonderful, she added.

It did look great. All the front windows and doorways – and that’s a lot – were clean in the hour before the ceremony. She made sure of that. But once the doctoral students, faculty and all the audience had entered, she went back to give it another polish. She wanted to be sure the building was spotless as the honorees and their guests gathered in the grand lobby afterward.

She also explained that she in particular wants to keep the floors shiny in the beautiful old building. “I take pride in that.”

And she takes pride in moments like these for the students, friends and families, for these buildings, for the university.

“This is my building,” she said. “This is my home.”

By Mike Harris