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Lynch, Sills receive Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Fundamentals (EEODF) Adjunct Trainer Certification

Patricia M. Lynch, director of EEO and affirmative action, and Veronica L. Sills, EEO consultant and investigator, both of UNCG Human Resources, received their Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Fundamentals (EEODF) Adjunct Trainer Certification in June. This course was previously referred to as the Equal Employment Opportunity Institute (EEOI), which is a state-mandated diversity initiative.

EEODF is required for all state government employees who were hired, promoted or appointed to the position of manager or supervisor on or after July 1, 1991. The newly revised EEODF course is designed with the latest information needed to help managers and supervisors understand federal and state equal employment opportunity/affirmative action laws in the context of daily work situations. The course also provides managers and supervisors with applicable information to help them work more effectively with a diverse workforce. Designed with a blended learning format, the EEODF course includes two components: online training with a final assessment and one full day of instructor-led classroom training.   

Their training lasted over six months with intense learning objectives, required homework and many hours of studying to become certified.

As certified trainers, Lynch and Sills will be able to instruct UNCG managers and supervisors in the instructor-led classroom training. Sessions at UNCG will begin in fall 2018. Managers and supervisors who have received their EEODF training in past years are welcomed to retake the training; however initial classes will be offered to managers and supervisors who have not completed the training.

To begin the first component of the EEODF course, register online with UNCG Human Resources Training Catalogue at this address for the Prerequisite Online part of the training: ONLINE .

For the required Classroom training, you can register here: CLASSROOM.

Both parts are necessary for completion of the training, and the Online part must be passed before being admitted to the Classroom section.