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Special Annual Leave Bonus FY 2018-19

The 2018 Appropriations Act has granted eligible employees a one-time 40 hours (five days) of Special Annual Leave Bonus. Below is abbreviated information surrounding the provisions. The full provisions can be found here.


All permanent part-time and full-time EHRA and SHRA employees employed and eligible to earn vacation leave on July 1, 2018 are eligible for the Special Annual Leave Bonus (SALB).

Permanent part-time employees (half-time or more) and those who work less than 12 months will receive a pro-rata amount.  Temporary employees are not eligible.


Similar to last year the Special Annual Leave Balance hours do not expire (except upon separation or retirement) and can be used before comp time but cannot be donated as Voluntary Shared Leave.  Upon separation the SALB will not be paid out. These 40 hours are eligible to be used as of July 1, 2018, for any vacation leave taken during the month of July and beyond.


There is a special circumstance for employees who end the year (December 31) with an excess of 240 hours of vacation leave.  If at the end of the calendar year, you have used any of the SALB AND have an excess of 240 hours, the hours in excess of 240 hours will be reduced by the number of SALB hours that were used.


248 vacation hours as of December 31 with 8 hours of SALB used – you will begin the calendar year with 240 vacation hours,32 hours of SALB and nothing will roll over.

248 vacation hours as of December 31 with 0 hours of SALB used – you will begin the calendar year with 240 vacation hours, 40 hours of SALB and 8 hours will roll into sick time.

Timesheets will be updated and available for use not later than August 1, 2018.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions, go to the Human Resources website or call Human Resources at 336-334-5009 with any questions regarding eligibility and use of the SALB.