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Dr. Anne Hershey

photo of HersheyDr. Anne Hershey (Biology) received new funding from North Carolina State University for the project “In-Stream Uptake and Retention of the Antibiotic Sulfamethoxazole (SMX) in NC streams.”

According to the abstract, antibiotic pollution in aquatic ecosystems has recently emerged as a threat to water quality and human health due to widespread use of these substances in human and veterinary medicine.  This project will evaluate the fate and transport of a common antibiotic, sulfamethoxozole (SMX) in a small stream. Previous work detected SMX in 90 percent of streams studied in the NC Piedmont. This project will provide information on SMX retention in sediments, which determines toxicity near the point of release, and how far it travels downstream of release sites, which is important to downstream water quality.