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Dr. Terri Shelton

Photo of Dr. Terri SheltonDr. Terri Shelton (Office of Research and Engagement) received new funding from the NC DHHS Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services for the project NC “Preventing Underage Drinking Initiative.”

This contract will support the North Carolina Preventing Underage Drinking Initiative (NC-PUDI) in its continuing efforts to prevent underage alcohol consumption and the resulting social, health and economic consequences in the state of North Carolina. The contract will support continued utilization and further development of innovative strategies to help achieve the long term goals of preventing underage drinking by building upon NC-PUDI activities. This continuing effort is designed to further support and develop Community Collaboratives working to implement environmental management strategies to prevent underage drinking. Activities will include, but not be limited to, community mobilization and law enforcement partnership efforts such as: alcohol purchase surveys, sobriety checkpoints, responsible seller/server training, media advocacy, youth empowerment and policy advocacy. Short term outcomes include increasing quality youth participation, enhancing community mobilization efforts and community/law enforcement partnerships. These short-term outcomes will be measured by collecting performance measure data from grant recipients. Long-term outcomes include reductions in youth alcohol consumption (current use, binge drinking, age of onset) and will be tracked using the North Carolina YRBS and local data, if available.